Thursday, February 26, 2009

In News That Does Not Surprise Us One Bit

The Hartford Courant reports that inmates sometimes bring their potty-mouths to school visits:

WATERBURY: Inmates Allegedly Used Profanity In School Visit
February 25, 2009
Waterbury officials are reviewing a program involving inmates who speak to public school students after complaints about the use of foul language.

City officials say some inmates allegedly used foul language in front of Wallace Middle School students two weeks ago.

Prison inmates are occasionally brought to city schools as part of the police department's Project Safe Neighborhoods program.

The program has police officers, medical experts and inmates speak with children about gangs, peer pressure, drugs and other problems.

A woman complained that her child and grandchild had heard foul and racially charged language from prisoners.

ZOMG! What if they also had tattoos and angry eyebrows? Will the children survive? All the teachers really had to do was keep those inmates in from recess. That would show the kids that swearing's bad stuff.

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